Men's or Unisex Fleece Toque set, assorted prints and solid colours

A toque and matching mask set perfect for cold months because this hat is not only warm and comfortable to wear, but it has built in buttons for the mask elastic making it easy to wear the matching mask and remove a mask without removing your hat!

Perfect for keeping your face warm beyond the pandemic. Hat has adjustable cuff so you can make the hat fit closer to your head to a bit puffy up top.

The matching 3-layer non medical fleece fabric face mask is made from the same premium fleece on the outside and two layers of poly cotton lining next to your face. Wired across the entire top for closing the area around your nose and across the creeks. Generous elastic on either side that you can customize the length with a strategic knot or replace.

Great hat for men or women (please advise if you need a women's fit which will be smaller).  Small mask buttons, covered in the same fleece and installed at the sides just behind were ears are warm and cosy underneath. Buttons hold mask elastic from any mask, not just  the one in the set!

Finished with faux leather mad cap patch.

Designed to fit under a coat hood for extra warmth.

Machine wash and dry the hat with anti-static sheet for static-free comfort. Mask, due to the wire bending too much, should be soaked around in warm soapy water for several minutes, rinsed and air dryed. Let in the shape for your face when washing to protect the wire.

One size fits most men's heads 22.75 to 23.75 inches. Please advise at purchase if fit needs to be larger or smaller. If ordering a smaller size, the mask will be the regular size as well. Mask show in pictures is our large size.

Note - due to cutting, the placement of the plaids, prints will vary from pictures.

black watch plaid
charcoal plaid
red and black check
royal and black check
solid black
charcoal grey
Stewart Plaid