312 Extra wide brim sun hat uv summer hat sunblocker in organic cotton flax with scarf

Extra wide brim sun hat uv summer hat sunblocker in organic cotton with scarf.

If you are just wearing one hat this summer, this one ticks all the boxes. Belt loops means the neutral black scarf can be replaced with one to match your ensemble on any given day. Neutral natural colour means this hat will go with anything!

Great gift for a special her, gift for mom or for yourself.

Made from Organic oatmeal cotton flax in natural and trimmed and lined with black cotton. The scarf is studio made and is tied in a lovely classic bow at the back. Easy to untie and remove.

Hat includes solid Black scarf as shown. You have the option to add an extra scarf after you add the hat to your cart. The extra scarf selection will pop up. Right now that is a black scarf with red roses made in our studio.

This hat has a bit of elastic in the back inside the lining for comfort and fit. Fits heads in the average to slightly above average size range. If you head is larger than 23" please let us know so we can cut one slightly larger.

This hat is packable, crushable and can be easily spot cleaned. We recommend hand washing to preserve the shape and sun blocking fibre sandwiched between the outer and lining layers.

This is a great hat for sun protection and has a brim that is about 4" at the front and at least 3" at the back. Brim can be worn turned up or down!

Watch our video on YouTube about the smaller brimmed version (#301) of this hat! Learn how to re-tie your bow or change the trim ... link here  to open the link in new window.