Thank you for our busiest fall winter season ever! Stock and production time is almost sold out and very limited now as we work to fill outstanding orders. There will be a last opportunity to order some Winter styles in early 2022 and production time for custom sizes. Mad Cap Hats are not mass produced and each one is handmade, a limited edition made with love, skill and care in our lakeside studio in Canada.


102-f Sunblocker with adjustable fit, hold my beer with denim brim

Sunblocker UV sun hat with large wide brim featuring fun cartoonish hold my beer print on grey background and adjustable fit.

We have this fabric custom made for us. Printed on a beautiful cotton in the USA featuring the artwork on an independent artist.

Black bull denim brim gives maximum shade around the face reducing glare from the sun and UV reflection.  Brim is trimmed with black canvas edge.

This is a great hat for fall as well. Perfect for fun fall festivals or touring wineries and breweries.

This hat is washable and packable and crushable. Just iron or steam out any wrinkles and it will bounce back to shape.

The brim is at least 3" all the way around, a bit larger at the front, and looks great turned up or down.

Size is adjustable with tie and toggle at the back of the hat.

Hat fits a range of head sizes in the average range of 22.25" to 23".

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