109 Sunblocker UV summer sun hat featuring air balloons and antique maps

Sunblocker UV summer sun hat with large wide brim featuring a lovely whimsical print featuring air balloons in various shapes set on maps. Some of the balloons have little people in the baskets. Has a real his dark materials feel to the print.

Black denim underbrim and edge gives shade around the face reducing glare from the sun and uv reflection. Top of the brim is winter white canvas. The print has been custom made for us in the USA and is a cotton linen blend. 

The brim is at least 3" all the way around, a bit larger at the front, and looks great turned up or down.

Size is adjustable with tie and toggle at the back of the hat.

Please note that print may vary slightly from photo due to placement when cutting.

Hat fits a range of head sizes in the average range of 22.25" to 23"

Hand washing suggested and air dry. Each section of the hat is lined with a sun blocking fiber for excellent sun protection.

Great for the golf course, the garden, the beach or the boat! Wonderful gift for someone traveling, gift for mom, gift for her or for someone in chemotherapy as the hat can be tighten at the back.

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