Premium Fashion cap in black and white zig zag, with vegan butter leather visor and button trim

Fleece Cap with button trim features a weather resistant vegan butter leather or faux leather visor and wool blend black and white zig zag top and matching buttons perfect for spring, fall and winter weather.  Finished with pill resistant fleece in black around the ears on the outside and inside with a cotton kasha lining to finish off the comfortable fit. Option to add two extra built in buttons over the ears to hold any face mask with elastic ear loops in place. These extra buttons would be in black fleece are also decorative and will blend into the hat design in the future.

New fabric for fall 2021. Nice weight for cooler weather,  fall, winter and spring weather.  The vegan butter leather is soft and weather resistant which gives your  face and glasses great protection from the elements if it's raining, sleeting and snowing.

Designed so it can also be worn under a hood.

Due to the number of different fabrics used in this design, hand wash only and air dry.

Weather and social distancing protection with Style!

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