Fleece neckwarmer bandana scarf, adjustable toggle fit, charcoal plaid, unisex

Super soft cosy fleece bandana style neckwarmer scarf with slip on over the head fit and added soft round elastic with toggle in the top seam for adjustable fit. Made in our Westport, Ontario, Canada studio.

New for Jan. 2021 ... all fleece neckwarmers will have a loop of elastic on each side, under each ear for helping to hold the neckwarmer up when it needs to cover the nose and mouth.  This elastic is sewn inside the neckwarmer.

Fully washable and roomy enough to be pulled up over the nose and mouth when weather is cold. Finished edge with light serge. Elastic and  toggle is so comfy and can be tightened to keep the neckwarmer up over the nose and mouth or just slightly tightened to close up the scarf under the chin and face.

Fully machine washable, dryable. Made from  two layers of 100% premium poly fleece.

This listing is for the charcoal plaid with cream, black and red accents. Placement of print may vary from photos due to cutting.