Premium Twisted comfy extra wide modern jersey knit headband, big knit print

Cotton feel, modern jersey knit headbands. Extra wide for holding back your hair, working out or covering your ears for cooler fall and winter weather. You can scrunch it up for a narrow fit as well. Great for under a parka hood for some extra protection and also great for holding your earbuds in place while working or travelling.

Double twist built in but you can relax the twist effect with a single twist at the front and a single twist at the back. Lots of styling possibilities! Note, this band is extra wide to help cover ears for weather that is cooler.

The large print features knitted stitches in variegated colors. Fabric is made for us in the USA from art work created by independent artists. Finished with a twist that can be worn at the top of the head or off to the side or at the back under your hair for a wide band look across the top of your face. Lots of choices!

Band is a very trendy fashion forward wide or deep rectangle shape, double layer and it can be scrunched up to be a narrow trim for your head or hat or open wide, which is at least 4 inches.

One size fits most but let us know with your order if your head is smaller or larger then average.