Premium Winter Fashion Hat with velvet trim, bow trim and earflap cuff, stewart plaid

Only one available - Stylish wide brimmed winter fashion hat in stewart plaid fleece and black fleece contrast  with black bow and velvet edge ... it has tuck up earflaps to keep your ears and back of neck super warm when you need it! The cuff means your hat will never blow off your head for hands free winter comfort and style. Cuff can be worn tucked inside for the days when it is not so cold.

As we like to say ... Snow and Winter protection with Style!

Lined around the inside with thick cotton blend kasha cloth to protect hair from static and very comfortable ... not itchy! The top is a single layer of fleece that has been blocked and cut to hug the contours of the top of your head. 

Large brim is stewart plaid fleece on top, black fleece underneath and finished with a stabilizing plastic millinery wire which is covered with black velvet.

Brim is a up-turned fashion style which is about 3.5 inches at the front and about 3 inches at the back. Designed to keep your faces and glasses dry from snow and sleet! Brim edge can be turned down for more protection for your face on those really cold and windy winter days.

Hand washing is suggested due to the number of different fabrics used in this hat. Dry on very low heat or air dry and then use the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to fluff up fleece.

Great hat for chemotherapy as cuff covers that lower part of your head that traditional hats don't and offers style and privacy to women in treatment.

Fits women with 22.25 to 22.75 inch heads.