Scrunchie bangle headband set, cotton, 3 cm or 4 cm wide, one size fits most

The latest project on our YouTube channel, Mad Cap Hats, is a fun and very comfortable fashion accessory, perfect for summer.

Bangle can be used as a scrunchie. Headband is a comfortable fit to keep your hair out of your eyes or to dress up an outfit.  Has a ruffled texture which is very comfortable while added some real interest to the pieces.

Both items are available in two widths, 3 cm which is 1" wide, and 4 cm which is 1.5" wide.

This is listing is for a beautiful black based floral. Sold as a set. Advise if your head is larger than 23" or smaller than 22" for a custom fit at no additional cost.

Machine wash and dry. Designed and made in our Ontario, Canada studio, lakeside in beautiful South Frontenac.

Size: 3 cm (1 inch) wide
Color: black based floral