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215 Straw Travel Sun Hat in natural or brown with black scarf trim

New for 2020! Packable straw that has a lovely big brim in paper braid while the top is a crocheted paper straw, which is great for ventilation.  Two colors available, natural or brown, both trimmed with a neutral black scarf and coconut buckle.

We are in love with this hat!

Made from paper or man made straw it is also super lightweight and comfortable. The edge has millinery wire sewn inside for shape. Black scarf is classy and neutral which means you can take this lovely hat from the beach to a summer wedding. Scarf is finished with a coconut shell buckle.

Brim edge can be worn turned up or down or up at the sides like a cowboy hat and is about 3.5 inches all the way around.

A generous comfortable fit but can be tightened down in size with adjustable sweatband. Fits most heads that are slightly larger then average as well as heads slightly smaller then average.

Please note that this type of straw hat should only be worn on sunny days. Try not to get it soaking wet.

Please note - the color brown is slightly smaller then average and the color natural is slightly larger. Both can be adjusted smaller but not larger. If your head is average or slightly larger then average, the Natural hat is the one for you.

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