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    800-c Felted Wool Cloche in Charcoal with Adjustable Fit

    Such a lovely thick 100% felted wool fashion cloche in a lovely Charcoal.

    Finished outside with a semi-scheer black textured scarf and coconut shell buckle. Buckle can be slid off the hat and the scarf ends tied in a bow like knot. Finished inside with premium kasha cotton/rayon lining and adjustable fit inner sweatband.

    Brim is a double layer of the felted wool and is just over 2 inches deep all the way around the hat.

    Also available in Black, Burgundy Red and Taupe. Each color has a bit of black melange mix to the woolen fabric.

    Fit can be up to 23 inch head. Just note at checkout if your head size is on the larger side.

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