WOW!! 2017 ... And We are Celebrating 30 years of Mad Cap Hats!

Chiffon Scarf 01 in natural with roses

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Our simple trick to glam up any hat? Tie a scarf around it! 

The scarf is also great for wearing as a headband. In both cases, simple tie the ends in a knot or large floppy bow.

This is one of our favorites ... natural background with lovely roses scattered thru the length (at least 60") and width (about 19") of the scarf. Fabric is semi-translucent.

Scarf is made from 50% silk and 50% polyester.

Of course this is a great summer scarf for any wardrobe and would look great as a belt or worn loosely around your neck!

Can be ordered without a hat purchase.

Hat used in the photos can be purchased in our Straw Hat Collection section if available.

 PLEASE NOTE - IF you are not ordering a hat please choose the padded envelope at checkout!