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    Sunblocker UV summer sun hat with large wide brim featuring dragonfly print

    Sunblocker UV summer sun hat with large wide brim featuring earthy green dragonfly print and adjustable fit.

    Heads will turn! Sun Protection with Style.

    This is a classic lovely ... scattered dragonflies in tones of greens. gold, mauve and browns on a muted grean background and washed out lime green underbrim. Top of brim is natural organic cotton!

    Placement of print can vary depending on cutting. Limited edition, only 8 hats will be made!

    Handmade from pre-washed fabrics, this hat is washable and packable and crushable. Just iron or steam out any wrinkles and it will bounce back to shape.

    The brim is at least 3" all the way around, a bit larger at the front, and looks great turned up or down.

    Size is adjustable with tie and toggle at the back of the hat.

    Hat fits a range of head sizes in the average range of 22.25" to 23"

    Hand washing suggested and air dry. Each section of the hat is lined with a sun blocking fiber for excellent sun protection.

    Great for traveling ... wrinkles can be removed easily with water or by ironing and the hat is completely packable.

    Great for the golf course, the garden, the beach or the boat! Wonderful gift for someone traveling, for mom or for someone in chemotherapy as the hat can be tighten at the back.

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