Fleece Fashion hat with bow trim and comfy fit, plaid prints

New for this winter!!! Deep cosy fleece fashion hat with upturned edge gives you great coverage from sleet, rain and snow. Keeps your face and glasses dry!

This lovely cloche design and features a double layer of polar fleece. Brim is over 3 inches at the front (less at the back) and has a soft downward slope that covers more of the head and ears before turning up with a plastic millinery wired edge covered in black velvet.

Finished with a large bow that has a narrow serged edge in black all the way around. Keeps your glasses dry through those wet snowy/sleety days.

Bow, edge and the under brim are black.  

Fit is great for average head size from 22.25 to 22.75 inches and if your head is smaller or larger we can custom cut for perfect fit. Style is slouchy so it can be pulled down over your ears on colder days.

Great gift for chemotherapy as the inside is so cosy and soft and the outside is so pretty.  

Hand wash suggested.  Can be dried with dryer sheet on low heat to add anti-static protection.

Note - placement of the print due to cutting, or which side of the hat the bow is fastened to, may vary with each piece. 

Color: black and cream buffalo print