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    Plush Pillbox winter faux fur hat Russian style hat in luxury black faux fur tweed pastel boucle top

    Plush Pillbox faux fur hat winter faux fur hat Russian style hat in tones in luxurious thick black faux fur with boiled wool blend top in a black and white tweed with pastel threads like boucle.

    If you love the look of fur around your face, you will love our Pillbox Hat! This fur is the fullest and most plush we have ever used for this hat! Looks like a big furry headband because it is so plush you can't really see the top! But the top is there, giving you extra protection from the winter elements.

    Plush fur is so soft and comfy. Top of hat is boiled wool blend in medium weight. There are a  small number of silver strands but this is 99 percent black fur and the fur strands are in the range of 1.5 inch to 1.75 inches.

    Hat is slightly stretchy so one size fits average sized heads.  Finished inside with cotton/rayon thick kasha cloth as well as with a tuck up or down earflap cuff for those days when it is really cold. The cuff can be worn inside the hat as well which will look great on days that are not so cold.

    Hand washing is suggested, brush out fur or give a slight wack against your leg to fluff up the fur.

    Winter protection with Style!

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