Mad Cap Hats

Cotton linen Fabric face mask, with poly cotton lining, whimsical owls

Fabric face mask/ dust mask made with our premium custom made linen cotton fabric featuring owls in various sizes on a lovely yellow background.  Fabric is custom made for us in the USA featuring designs created by small scale artists. Lining is poly/cotton. Outside layer with beautiful print is medium weight 55% linen and 45% cotton. Wired across the top with aluminum wire so you can shape around nose and cheeks.

Comes with long elastic on each side that you can knot to adjust for comfortable fit. When you have the right size, tie and knot and you can remove the excess ends if you are confident the knot is tight. You can rotate the knot into the channel. Elastic is meant to go around your ear on each side.

These are fun masks that can help prevent you from involuntarily touching your face while out and about. Pinch the wire around your nose so you find a comfortable fit. The wire really helps keeps glasses from fogging up. This fabric is a heavier then quilting fabric and is very comfortable to wear and holds it shape really well. Note that the placement of the print will be different with each mask due to cutting.

These masks are not medical grade and should not be worn in lieu of a medical grade mask. Practice common sense and avoid standing near other people.

Because of the aluminum wire, we recommend hand wash in hot soapy water. Rinse and let air dry. According to CDC guidelines, soap and water kills the virus. Do not share your mask and you can leave the mask in your preferred shape if hand washing.

If just buying masks, please choose either small bubble wrap envelope (1 or 2 masks) or large bubble wrap envelope at checkout.