Cotton denim cap with adjustable fit, ear saver buttons, light blue or indigo

Distressed look bleached denim cap with 3 inch deep visor for great coverage over the face and eyes. Ear saver buttons make mask wearing a breeze and have been made by us and added by us in our Canadian studio. Masks with ear loop elastic can be held by the buttons instead of your ears. 

We have made and added the ear saver buttons for making mask wearing super easy but the cap body has been made by an outside supplier.  This cap has an adjustable sliding buckle fit at the back and is very comfortable. Can be adjusted down to 21.5 inch head or up to 23.25 inch head. Also has reinforced ventilation holes. Opening at the back above buckle is perfect for a pony tail.

Imported cap body has been made from 100% cotton modified in our Ontario studio to add the ear saver buttons. Washable.

Two shades available, regular bleached denim and navy indigo denim.

If your head is larger than 23.25 inches, please contact before ordering so we can see if fit can be adjusted to your head size.


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