Fleece Fashion Cloche, with ruffle trim in charcoal print

A hug for your head. This hat is designed to cover your entire head with lovely, cosy fleece. A great hat for hair loss. Covers all areas of hair loss offering warmth, comfort, privacy and protection.

This lovely cloche design and features a double layer of polar fleece. Brim is over 2 inches and has a soft downward slope that covers more of the head and ears. Finished with ruffled stitching around the head.

Back of brim is narrow and almost flat to cover that extra bit of your head that is normally not covered with hair loss. Perfect for wearing in the car, for snoozing or wearing all day.

Also a great hat for outdoor sports like cycling, walking and skating.

Please note that this hat does not have our usual earflaps, offering a simpler choice with fewer inside seams for comfort. Slightly stretchy too.

Fit is great for average head size from 22.25 to 22.75 inches and if your head is smaller or larger we can custom cut for perfect fit. Style is slouchy so it can be pulled down over your ears on colder days.

Great gift for chemotherapy as the inside is so cosy and soft and the outside is so pretty. Great hat for travel in chilly weather and can be worn under a coat hood as well.

Machine wash and dry. Can be dryed with dryer sheet to add anti-static protection.