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    Fleece Toque with deep cuff and boucle trim and pin in black

    Cosy warm toque with boucle fabric insert features four layers of fleece/fabric over your ears. Base color is black and the boucle is a mix of black, cream and grey.

    With the cuff turned up, there are four layers to protect your ears. Fleece is premium, water, weather and pill resistant.  Quite stretchy, so one size fits most.  If your head is larger then 23 inches we can make one larger for you. Let us know in the note section of the checkout.

    This hat is machine washable and a beautiful toque to wear for all your winter fun ... skating, dog walking and celebrating the new year in style!

    Includes handmade floral pin with matching fabric covering the center button. Pin can be moved or removed from the hat! Pin can be used to set the depth of the cuff ... make it fit closer to your head or lower the cuff for a baggy fit. Wear the pin on your jacket or scarf!

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