My first mad cap, unisex knit baby beanie in bow or knot top

Fashionable and comfy knit hats for baby! Very limited edition.

Made from premium modern jersey knit fabric which is made for us in the USA and prints are designed by small artisans around the world. So soft and comfortable and will not stretch out of shape.  Cuff is two layers, or four layers when folded up.  

Trimmed at the top with a knot or a bow.

Machine wash and dry. Depth can be adjust with the cuff. Seams are sewn flat for extra comfort. 

Placement of prints will vary from photos with cutting.

Fits infants 4 to 11 months of age.  Turn up the cuff for younger babies. Baby in photo is 5 months.

We have added our pattern to our YouTube channel so you can make your own! See the how to video here!

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