Curly fauxfur and fleece fashion toque in black, optional ear saver buttons

 Curly fauxfur fashion Toque premium fleece toque with handmade flower pin. New for 2021, optional built in ear saver buttons for fastening your mask to your hat. Buttons will work with any mask that has ear loop elastic. For around the head elastic masks, make sure the upper elastic is above the buttons.

Cosy warm toque with faux persian lamb insert and matching fun flower pin features four layers over your ears. Choose to have the hat made with or without ear saver buttons.

The flower is a pin and can be used to set the depth of the cuff or to pretty up the hat in a new position. The pin can be worn on your coat collar or on a contrasting scarf for example. Center of the pin is also faux persian lamb or poodle fur as it is sometime called.

With the cuff turned up, there are four layers of fleece to protect your ears. Fleece is premium, water, weather and pill resistant. Remove the pin, and the hat is machine washable. The furry insert is not as stretchy as the fleece so if your head is larger then 23 inches we can make one larger for you.

Fabric Face Mask not included with purchase. To see our holiday face mask collection, follow this link!


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