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Raffia Straw wide brim straw sun hat with Canada Day red trim

Raffia Straw wide brim straw sun hat with Canada Day red trim

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Raffia Straw wide brim straw sun hat with Canada Day red trim and belt loops and adjustable fit. Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday in straw hat style! Mad Cap is 'Sun Protection with Style!'

Beautiful raffia straw sun hat features extra wide brim (about 4 inches/ 10 cm), a lovely contrasting edge in red cotton, grosgrain belt loops for holding your changeable trim in place as well as an adjustable fit inner sweatband made from millinery grosgrain. Brim looks great turned up all the way around or turned down at the front.

Hat includes cotton Canada day belt scarf and floral buckle as shown. Buckle and scarf are two pieces so they can be changed and used with other scarves from your collection.

Hat fits very comfortably on heads up to 23" in size and can be adjusted down in size. If your head is less than 22 inches, this hat will be too big and send us a message so we can make one slightly smaller. Comes fully lined with premium lightweight quilting style cotton. This lining features a classy Canada Maple Leaf print.

This hat is made from real raffia Madagascar straw that has been woven into 1/2 inch wide braids that have been sewn together to create the shape. Hat has been blocked and sized as well. Can be reshaped with water and steam if need be. If you prefer a flat top, wet the top and let dry upside down overnight!

This is a hat for the sun however, not a rain hat! With all straw hats, you should avoid the rain and try not to get it wet. Real straw like this, bounces back to shape easily. During testing, our prototype of this hat went for a long swim in the ocean after meeting up with a gust of wind. When it was dry, it was completely unharmed by the experience!

Great hat for all your Canada Birthday celebrations and for the beach and for the cottage!