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Scarfette 05 - Natural roses

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Our studio made scarves, from assorted synthetic materials, are about 4 inches wide, from 58-60 inches in length, and fit perfectly on our straw or cotton hats. We usually tie them in a bow at the back but you can tie them in a knot and let the ends hang down or shorten but tying knots in regular intervals across the length to create your own decoration.

Also long enough for a belt or a hairband.

These scarfettes perfect for any Mad Cap Hat with belt loops purchased in previous seasons. Hats in the pictures are used for the practical reason of showing how we use these scarves and they are not included in the price for a scarf! 

NOTE - If you are not including a hat in your order, be sure to select the envelope from shipping options at checkout otherwise the default is a box. We will refund any overages in shipping however and will confirm that you wanted an bubble envelope, if you accidental checkout paying for a hat box for shipping.