COVID-19 Update: All of our Fall/Winter Toques and Caps will have built in ear saver buttons ... meaning masks just hook on and off of your hat!


    Fall/Winter Caps, Toques and Pom Pom Toques

    Cozy and warm winter basics featuring premium fleece and various other cosy fabrics.Toque cuff can be adjusted to be deeper or to fit close to your head. Up to four layers of fleece to keep you super warm. Fashion Caps in assorted fabrics, trims and colors. Both fit nicely under a jacket hood!

    New for Fall/Winter 2020/2021 ... all toques and caps will have built in buttons for holding mask elastic. Makes wearing a mask super easy, keeping your ears super warm. Our buttons will work with any mask with built in elastic! Buttons will be discrete, made from the same fabric as the hat.

    Mad Cap masks, toques and caps are all made in South Frontenac, Ontario, Canada by Tori Capes, certified milliner.

    New winter collection will begin previewing in mid-August, 2020.